Shuifa Energy to build 5 GW heterojunction cell project in coastal city

Shuifa Energy Group, a clean energy solutions provider in China, has signed an agreement with the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Dongying, a coastal city in Shandong Province of China. According to the agreement, Shuifa Energy will set up a 5 GW heterojunction solar cell facility, a 5 GW cell and module facility and a 3 GW centralized solar power plant in Dongying city.


Once completed, it will become the first heterojunction solar cell and module production base in Shandong Province. It will assist in the province’s efforts to adjust its energy structure and build a clean and low-carbon energy system.

Since the start of this year, multiple enterprises have bet on heterojunction cell technology.

Last week, Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune 500 enterprise, has issued a Letter of Commitment to China’s Maxwell Technology to purchase 4.8 GW of heterojunction production lines.

In January, solar module provider Risen Energy revealed plans to raise no more than 5 billion yuan for a 5 GW heterojunction cell facility and a 10 GW high-efficiency module facility.

Sun Yuemao, President of Risen Energy, said at China Photovoltaic Industry Association’s annual conference, that TOPCon and HJT technologies have different advantages. Although there is still room for HJT’s cost to be reduced, he believes in the bright prospect of the technology with its unique advantages.