[Webinar] Future Solar Technology--progress in high efficiency solar cell technology

The solar PV industry, driven by the global energy transition and strong market demand, has made great progress and shifted its pursuit from scale and speed to quality and efficiency. Five years after PERC technology has taken the stage, the potential to improve its conversion efficiency has been almost exhausted.

As the efficiency of P type cells gradually approaches the theoretical limit, N type has become the focus of attention. At present, N type technologies mainly include TOPCon, HJT and IBC. In addition to high conversion efficiency, N type boasts many other advantages, including high bifacial rate, low temperature coefficient, no LID, better low light performance and so on.

To dig into the current developments and future trends of high efficiency solar cell technologies, Solarbe has invited Dr. Martin Green of UNSW, Dr. Andreas Lambertz from Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Dr. Doug Rose from SunPower and Dr. Jochen Rentsch from Fraunhofer ISE to share their insights, with Dr. Huang Qiang moderating the webinar.

Dr. Martin Green

Dr. Martin Green is an Australian engineer and professor at the University of New South Wales who works on solar energy. He was awarded the 2021 Japan Prize for his achievements in the "Development of High-Efficiency Silicon Photovoltaic Devices". He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Progress in Photovoltaics.

In 1974, at the University of New South Wales, he initiated the Solar Photovoltaics Group which soon worked on the development of silicon solar cells. The group had their success in the early 80s through producing a 20% efficient silicon cell, which now has been improved to 25%.

Dr. Andreas Lambertz

Andreas Lambertz is with the Forschungszentrum Jülich since 1996 and has more than 25 Year of experience in silicon thin-film research and solar cell technology. He studied at the Aachen University of Applied Science and did his PhD at the Utrecht University. He is the head of the silicon heterojunction solar cell baseline. His research includes silicon heterojunction solar cells and modules.

Dr. Doug Rose

Doug Rose has over 25 years of experience in the solar industry. Since 2010 he has held the position of Vice President, Technology Strategy at SunPower Corporation. Previous roles at SunPower include Product Engineering Manager, Director of Module R&D, and Technology Development Director. Prior to joining SunPower, he held positions in technology assessment and manufacturing technology development at GTE, PV research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and thin-film PV research and management at First Solar. Dr. Rose has also held board of director positions at the Peck Company and Solexel and a board observer position at SolarBridge Technologies. He has degrees in mechanical engineering from Iowa State and Stanford University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado. He is author or co-author of more than 50 publications and 24 US patents in the field of solar energy.

Dr. Jochen Rentsch

He’s the Head of department “Production technology – Surfaces and Interfaces” at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Germany. Dr. Rentsch received his Ph.D degree in physics in 2005 from the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany. He studied physics at the Technical University of Braunschweig and obtained his diploma degree in 2002.

Dr. Rentsch is member of various Scientific and Programme committee boards (e.g. EUPVSEC, UCPSS, EUROSOLAR Russia, IRSEC). His current work focusses on the acquisition and management of public and industrial funded projects, the publication and licensing of R&D results, the transfer of processes and cell structures in the PV industry as well as consultancy on and auditing of PV manufacturing facilities worldwide. Within his department of about 70 people, Dr. Rentsch is responsible for its strategic development and management as well as the supervision of PhD, master and bachelor theses. In 2006, Dr. Rentsch set up a platform for seminar courses related to crystalline silicon PV topics (Website: www.pv-training.org) offering in-house as well as open seminars covering Basics of cSi PV, production technologies, metrology as well as specialised seminars focussing on particular topics of interest (wet chemistries, passivation, ...).

Dr. Huang Qiang

Dr. Huang is Managing Director of Cannovation Solar. He is the founding director of State Key Lab of PV Science and Technology, China. He was responsible for national key project on industrialization of the HJT solar technology. He has served as VP technology or operations for Trina Solar, GCL System Integration and Risen Energy, as well as the board of directors of Risen Energy. He was elected among the 20 Most Influential People in Chinese Solar Industry in 2020.

Join us on November 25 at 16:00 Beijing time (GMT+8) to stay up to date with the latest technology developments.

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